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What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is the Google version of retargeting. Retargeting has been described as: “A form of marketing in which you target users who have previously visited your website with banner ads on display networks across the web.” Even if you’re not familiar with retargeting or remarketing, you’ve most likely experienced it in your online travels. Say for example you happen to visit the website of “ABC Corporation” (a something less than inspired hypothetical company name). Thereafter, as if by magic, you start to see banner adds from ABC Corporation popping up as displays on other sites you visit.


How does it work?

The way it work is that when someone visits a website, a record (cookie) is registered in the visitor’s web browser. It’s a “fingerprint” if you will of the site visit. That fingerprint can then trigger display ads on future sites one might visit across the web. As a result the site owner of the originally visited site gets a second, third or more opportunity to present their message to site visitors and prospective customers.

Remarketing is a fantastic way for us to entice new users interested in similar products or services related to your website. At Push Button Marketing, our remarketing campaigns can be activated quickly and effortlessly to bring increased, real-time site engagement and conversion rates.